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Dr. Livio appears frequently in the media, speaking on topics that range from human curiosity, intellectual freedom, and the history of science to black holes, extrasolar planets, and the emergence of life in the universe. He has been interviewed on numerous television shows, including “The Daily Show, “60 Minutes," and NOVA, as well as on radio programs such as “Science Friday,” “All Things Considered,” “On Being,” and “Studio 360."


 During the past three decades, he has given talks across the globe at venues ranging from the Smithsonian in Washington DC and the Hayden Planetarium in New York, to the Royal Astronomical Society in London, the Berlin Planetarium, Ciudad de las Ideas in Mexico, TEDx MidAtlantic in Washington DC, and the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. He has been a regular speaker at the World Science Festival in New York, and was selected three times as one of the “Nifty Fifty” scientists by the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC. 

Dr Livio is represented by Keppler Speakers, and by ELASTICA. For booking information, please contact Dustin Jones at or Rebecca Treves at, or fill out the Contact form here

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